This is me in front of one of the new Cessna 172's I fly in from Suncoast Flying Services. I fly out of the Clearwater Executive Airport in Clearwater Florida where they have a great bunch of pilots. The company I work for is Tampa Bay Engineering where I am the Graphics Technology Manager. Using Photoshop, Corel Draw, Powerpoint and various other programs I create our proposal/presentation graphics, I also do the majority of our corporate marketing photography along with some help from Joe Martin who works for me and helps out with the graphics and photography. You can visit his site at CJM_Grafx

This site started out with a few grab shots I took of Gwazi at BGT to show my daughter who is a coaster enthusiast. Since the end of November when the original site went up, the response to my aerials (and ground shots) has been tremendous. I update the photos as often as I can but it all depends on when I am in the area shooting some of our project sites. I always post messages in the various coaster/theme parks newsgroups when I do update my photos.

Please keep in mind that these are my photos so if you want to use any of them on your site, please give me credit and a link back to my page. If notified, I will also give a link to your site from my links page.

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